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“Avatara is LinkedIn's scalable, low latency, and highly-available OLAP system for ‘sharded’ multi-dimensional queries in the time constraints of a request/response loop.” Used in "Who's Viewed My Profile?” Avtara has an offline engine that computes cubes in batch and an online engine that serves queries in real time.

We provide a Big Data Application runtime and development framework that makes it simple to collect, process, store and query large volumes and high velocities of data.

Simplify the collection and analysis of Big Data Turnkey Big Data infrastructure for business analysts

At ClearStory Data, our product is designed to put information and insight quickly into the hands of a diverse set of end-users who are often widely dispersed across an organization. We want timely and insightful analysis to be an everyday activity for everyone within the organization. In order to achieve this goal, we are investing heavily in designing the user experience of our product. In this continuation of Sunday's blog post, I'd like to share two more critical principles that are helping us achieve the goal of great product design at ClearStory Data.

Datameer is the single application for data analytics.

Drill is a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets, inspired by Google's Dremel.

HStreaming enables performing advanced analytics in real-time, creating live dashboards, identifying and recognizing patterns within one data stream or across multiple data streams, and triggering of actions based on predefined rules or heuristics. HStreaming can handle even the most challenging data volumes up to hundreds of millions of events per second and complex analytical problems leveraging the scalability of Hadoop and MapReduce.

Hunk is a new software product to explore, analyze and visualize data in Hadoop.

The First Big Data Workspace for the Data Analyst, focusing on:


ClearStory Data





    • Leverage Current SQL Skills
    • Automated Big Data Analysis Workflow
    • 250+ Pre-Packaged Functions & Parsers
    • Re-Use & Sharing Capabilities
    • Open API for Integration with Business Apps

The Apache Mahout™ machine learning library's goal is to build scalable machine learning libraries.

Lily™ is the customer intelligence application that enables enterprises to gain deep insights into their customers, products, markets and operations. These insights help companies in achieving one-on-one targeting and delivering personalized offers to drive sales and increase customer intimacy. Lily is a powerful, unified, integrated solution that uniquely combines an interactive Big Data management platform with a permanently updated customer database and consumer intelligence applications.

With live, multi-source connectivity, Presto combines data from any source for data visualizations in real time. Accessing the original data—directly from data warehouses, news feeds, social media, existing BI systems, streaming Big Data, even Excel spreadsheets—lets business users respond to changing conditions as they happen.

H20 is fast analytics engine on top of HDFS. H20 makes it possible to learn bigdata at scale. H20 guarantees one thing: move code, not data. move fast.

Mobile Analytics - Get deep insights in your mobile app and users. Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and J2ME.

Platfora transforms Apache Hadoop™ from batch engine into a subsecond-interactive, exploratory business intelligence and analytics platform designed for business analysts. This has never been done before, and getting there involves far more than putting a pretty user interface on top of Hadoop.

Radoop Enterprise Edition (powered by RapidAnalytics) is a great choice for companies with a large Hadoop cluster and many employees who wish to analyze and visualize big data. Furthermore, Radoop EE offers collaboration, scheduling, web reporting and web service integration to make it easier to deploy big data analytics processes into an existing enterprise environment.

Better data visualization. Easy analytics. Discover a new world of possibilities.

Combine the scalability of Hadoop with ScaleOut’s in-memory data grid to store and analyze fast-changing data. Using ScaleOut hServer's open source API libraries, your existing Hadoop programs can analyze live data while updates are in progress. ScaleOut hServer also adds an HDFS cache which accelerates Hadoop data access times by more than 10X. Available in a free Community Edition.

Starfish builds on Hadoop while adapting to user needs and system workloads to provide good performance automatically, without any need for users to understand and manipulate the many tuning knobs in Hadoop. The novelty in Starfish's approach comes from how it focusessimultaneously on different workload granularities—overall workload, workflows, and jobs (procedural and declarative)—as well as across various decision points—provisioning, optimization, scheduling, and data layout.

Terracotta's in-memory intelligence platform links Big Data insights to profitable action — instantly.

passionate people, writing awesome code, on game changing technologies to solve some really big problems... we picked financial services to start with (for a lot of obvious reasons), and wrote software with a simple goal – crunch all your data to help you make better decisions… for your customers… its up and working… and our clients love it…

WibiData is your single point of reference for the Big Data that drives your applications. Replace disjointed databases, e-mail marketing reports and web logs that cannot be easily analyzed together. WibiData's foundation is a complex versioned schema system that holds data collected directly from your application alongside traditional reference data such as demographic and profile information. The same store maintains derived data such as recommendations and categorization. In WibiData, you model your entire user population and understand how all your data fits together with WibiData’s intuitive data dictionary. Based on Apache Hadoop and HBase, WibiData scales to tackle the largest and most complex workloads.


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SAS® Visual Analytics

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